Throughout his career, Danny Summers has proven to be a visionary leader and an extremely effective manager. He is proactive and openly challenges the world around him with his confidence and competitiveness. He has a high level of integrity and sets a high standard of work quality for himself and those around him.

He possesses an inclusive, team building management style and is alway alert for the development of the business that employs him. He is innovative and resourceful while focusing on operational efficiencies.

The preceding comments are excerpts from a Predictive Index (PI) Report, 2006, for Danny Summers and from his LinkedIn recommendations.

Kip Creel, President, StandPoint (Vendor/Advisor)

“I had the pleasure of working with Danny when he was involved with the Southern Nursery Association on a strategic planning project. Danny is a highly energetic and passionate industry advocate. He operates with a clear vision and knows how to motivate people to reach the desired outcome. He is also one of those rare people you can count on consistently--testament to his ability to build relationships and connect people.”

August 5, 2011


Ben Bolusky, CEO/Executive Vice President, Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (Peer)

“Danny is one of those rare association leaders who is as natural with people as he is comfortable with technology. His skills at making members and colleagues feel so at ease is the secret to his legacy of success in motivating them to succeed. Danny is a can-do gentleman who not only grasps strategic vision, but also the detailed tools to springboard effective action.”

August 5, 2011

Michael Geary, CEO, OFA - The Association of Horticulture Professionals (Peer)

“Danny is a consummate professional and highly respected by his peers that lead national and state associations. Over the years, my organization has worked with him a variety of ways. In doing so, our staff has found him to be creative, strategic in his thinking, energetic and customer-focused. Our collaborations included organizing successful trade shows, connecting to the international horticulture community and supporting Danny while he was a volunteer leader of the Nursery & Landscape Association Executives. He has been a valuable leader of the horticulture industry and is highly recommended by us for those seeking someone with passion and vision.” August 12, 2011

Taylor Pursell, CEO, Pursell Capital, LLC (Vendor/Member/Customer)

“I have known and worked with Danny Summers for over 25 years. Danny is a multi-talented individual with many strong skill sets. He is an extremely likable person with strong leadership and management abilities. His integrity is impeccable and is one of the most admired people in the industry. I highly recommend him.”

August 17, 2011

Mark Vaughan, Executive Vice President, Atlanta Convention & Visitor's Bureau (Previously Director of Sales and Marketing, Marriott International (Vendor)

"We always looked forward to Danny's annual convention when he was with SNA. He was a true partner and worked hard to ensure satisfaction to his members and business partners. Danny had trust and confidence in his business partners and worked with us on any challenges that may have come up to ensure a true win-win for all. His attention to detail is outstanding and is someone I hold in high regard."
August 10, 2011

John Smith, General Manager, Georgia World Congress Center (Vendor)

“I have worked directly with Danny Summers for many years and in several different capacities. First, Danny, as Exec. VP of Southern Nursery Association, this group was one of the premier customers of the Georgia World Congress Center. As this Association was based in Atlanta, my colleagues and I spent additional time with this group learning about their mission and strategic plans as it related to the shows held at our building. We knew both Danny and his predecessors and I am pleased to say Danny brought a fresh and progressive insight into the growth and development of this Association.


In addition to my duties as general manager, I also was on the adjunct faculty at Georgia State University and taught courses in Trade Show Management. I called upon Danny frequently as a guest lecturer who would bring valuable information to the students on techniques he had employed to grow his show, control expenses and meet changing market conditions with exhibitors and attendees. I was always impressed with the progressive measures he was implementing at SNA.


As an Atlanta based event and Association, Danny also participated very actively in the local Atlanta Convention & Visitor's Bureau and activities associated with growing Atlanta's convention industry. This also included political support and activity during the many times the GWCC was expanded. Danny and the SNA were valued partners in the promotion of our facility and the convention industry as a whole. I strongly endorse and recommend Mr. Danny Summers. He is a capable and dedicated professional.”

August 6, 2011

Joe Monahan, Group Publisher, Meister Media Worldwide (Trade Press)

“I have had the honor of knowing and working with Danny Summers in various capacities over the last 15 years. Danny has always been well respected in the horticulture and floriculture communities. As the head of the Southern Nurserymen's Association, Danny was an industry leader that grew SNA to one of the most well respected organizations in the industry. They also were known for putting on one of the largest nursery/floriculture trade shows in the industry. Danny would be an asset to any company or organization that is looking for a leader that understands the power of relationships and respects productivity.”

August 16, 2011


Gary Bachman, Associate Extension/Research Professor of Horticulture, Coastal Research and Extension Center, Mississippi State University (Researcher)

“Danny was successful in the management and growth of the Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship Fund. The fund initially provided 2 or 3 scholarships per year to being able to award over 15 scholarships per year. These scholarships have had great impact on the recipients, I know from personal experience. Support from SNA in the form of a Meadow scholarship help to guide my successful future career development. Danny Summers played an integral part. In fact I have had students who also have benefitted from the Sidney B. Meadows scholarship program that have gone on to be successful and earn advanced degrees.”

August 7, 2011


Ted Bilderback, Interim Director J.C. Raulston Arboretum, NC State University, Department of Horticulture (Researcher)

“I hold Danny Summers in high esteem. Danny was a superb Executive VP at SNA. He is always cordial, well organized and follows through with commitments. As a university research professor, I recognized the SNA research conference as the best nursery research conference in the World and as an invited speaker at International Conferences, I qualify to make this statement. The SNA Research Conference was so good because of Danny's guidance, support and in his liaison with the SNA Executive Board. Today the nursery and horticulture sciences are struggling to attract bright young talent. The Sydney B. Meadows Scholarship Endowment Fund plays extremely important role in supporting and encouraging rising young horticulture and nursery professionals. Danny Summers was an integral part of handling and administering this scholarship with SNA which has supported many of the new young academic faculty conducting nursery research in universities today and young professionals taking leadership roles in nursery businesses. Danny has been an important part of the successes in education for the nursery industry.”

August 8, 2011


Christine Coker, Associate Research Professor, Mississippi State (Researcher)

“Danny is a people-oriented leader. While his overarching responsibility has been to an entire industry, it has always been Danny's excellent interpersonal skills and openness to innovation that have made him successful. His passion for students and researchers exemplifies his optimism for the future.”

August 8, 2011

F. Todd Lasseigne, Ph.D., North Carolina State University (Researcher)

“I have known Danny Summers since my days as a student in the SNA Research Conference, organized by SNA (the Southern Nursery Association). Danny not only ran the organization and annual summer trade show, but he also organized the research conference. Danny was instrumental in seeing the Sydney Meadows Award being founded and funded, an award that helped a great many students in their academic pursuits. I was proud to receive a Meadows Award while I was working on my Ph.D. at North Carolina State University. I am proud to call Danny both a friend and a colleague and would recommend him for a leadership position.” August 8, 2011


Charlie Hall, Professor, Texas A&M University, Ellison Chair for Floriculture (Researcher)

“Danny is the consummate association executive with his vast experience of the industry and his many years of leading the Southern Nursery Association. His expertise and knowledge regarding the industry spans the entire supply chain extending from allied trade manufacturers and distributors to the end consumer. 

He is excellent at networking and has an uncanny ability to make those whom he has just met feel like they have known him for years. His skills and talents were beneficial in conducting not only a successful trade show but a research conference that drew researchers and graduate students from across the country to present their latest research findings to industry clientele. The return on investment from such activities was extremely high, providing industry participants with the knowledge and insight to make them more competitive in the marketplace. Recommending Danny is a no-brainer...when you want the best, look no further.”

August 11, 2011


Tom Kegley, Director of Marketing Communications, Carolina Nurseries/Novalis (Co-Worker)

“I have known and worked with Danny Summers since the late 90's when he was director of the Southern Nursery Association and he hired my agency to assist in theme and identity development for the SNA trade show. Subsequent to that, we worked together at Carolina Nurseries, SC, where he was Dir. of Sales and I was Mktg Comm Dir. In recent times I've crossed paths with Danny during his employment with Ingleside Nursery. Danny has demonstrated his professionalism and integrity in every employment and circumstance. He is an excellent relation builder and is nationally well-connected in the hort industry. He has tremendous insight into the hort industry and perspective that can be broad or focused. He has directed and led many staffs/teams through the years, managed large operating budgets, and has a great executive ability. Danny would be an asset and contributor in any endeavor he applies himself to. I strongly recommend any company or organization to consider him for employment.”

August 23, 2011

Tim Runte, Corporate Buyer, Calloway's Nursery (Customer)

“During Danny's time with Carolina Nurseries we grew our business between Calloway's and Carolina significantly. It is my opinion that Danny's very high level professionalism, attention to the details and genuine thoughtfulness were greatly to credit for our growth with Carolina Nurseries. It is refreshing to work with someone like Danny that has such a passion for our industry and shows that passion in such a positive, professional manner. Tim Runte, Corporate Buyer Calloway's Nursery, Inc.”

August 9, 2011

Kimberly Bird, VP, Marketing, Calloway's Nursery (Customer)

"Danny offered a creative and collaborative approach as a partner in growing plant sales at Calloway's Nursery. His professionalism and enthusiasm contributed to a positive momentum that was mutually beneficial to both our organizations. Danny is a trusted and valued business associate."

August 18, 2011

Joseph Hillenmeyer, Owner, Joseph Hillenmeyer & Assoc. (Member/Customer)

“I have had the pleasure to interact and work with Danny during his tenure at the Southern Nursery Association. Danny is a leader that looks to the future; never one to follow a trend his personality pushes him to find the newest ideas first and set the bar to the next level for those that follow. Danny looked the world over for networks to improve the educational components of the association and went beyond the confines of our industry to bring us tangible new ideas to help members grow our own companies. Danny Summers is a man of uncompromising morals, integrity and vision who improves everything I have seen him put his hands on.”

August 6, 2011

Shannon Sanders, Director of Sales, Southern Nursery Association (Employee)

“Danny was an exceptional employer. He was fair, honest and valued input and ideas, making employees feel more of a part of the team and the success. I worked with Danny for 8 years and was always impressed with his integrity, optimism, enthusiasm for his work and ability to build strong relationships with clients, vendors and other business associates. He made coming to work enjoyable. He had high, but reasonable expectations of people with whom he worked. I would work again with Danny in a heartbeat given the opportunity.”

August 5, 2011